Point of sale software and hardware products and services for restaurants in Ottawa and the surrounding area.

Ottawa Point Of Sale Software for Restaurants

RestSoft exclusively sells our own custom designed, proprietary restaurant point of sale software called RestSoft. RestSoft, with a proven track record over the last 15 has been used by over 100 restaurants in and around the Ottawa area.

RestSoft is a complete restaurant point of sale solution and comes in two versions, Take-out and Dine-In plus our new Mobile Tablet module.

RestSoft Take-Outfrom $1295.00*

RestSoft Take-Out is a Windows based Point Of Sale (POS) software package designed for the Take-Out & Delivery business (Pizza, Chinese, Greek etc). Using a very simple and logical screen design and layout, RestSoft Take-Out allows employees to quickly and easily take a customer order within seconds. The minimalist screen design eliminates multiple clicks and popup windows freeing up the order taker to spend time up selling the customer and increasing your profit.

Functions and Features:
- Automated customer information entry eliminates incorrect addresses and includes integration with Google Maps.
- Customizable sales recording allows restaurant owners to use RestSoft as a straight order taking system.
- Instant reporting allows managers to effectively control labor costs.
- RestSoft's unique advanced features allow restaurant owners to take control of all aspects of their operation.
  • Easy to learn/use Windows interface.
  • Touch Screen capable (no more keyboard required).
  • Caller id.
  • Dynamic colour coded receipt printing with standard receipt printers.
  • Unlimited space for menu items.
  • Customer database reporting.
  • Delivery area street name list.
  • Instant sales reporting.
  • Sales history reporting.
  • Customizable receipt messages.
  • Food sales/cost reports.
  • Integrated Web Reports.
  • Remote access to your sales reports, sent to your Smartphone.
  • Feature mode - ability to turn features on/off as needed.
  • Affordable hardware, uses Pentium 4 (minimum).
  • Unlimited software installs within same store location.
RestSoft Take-Out Point Of Sale          RestSoft Take-Out Point Of Sale          RestSoft Take-Out Point Of Sale
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RestSoft Dine-Infrom $1995.00*

RestSoft Dine-In has all of the functionality of RestSoft Take-Out but adds all of the functionality required for a dine-in restaurants service.

Functions and Features:
  • Server login module.
  • 5 table and seat floor seating plans.
  • Separate billing per seat.
  • Ability to split bills.
  • Server cash-out.
  • Bar menu.
  • Bar sales reporting.
  • Smart printing allows printing specific items to specific printer.
  • Detailed food sales and cost reporting.
  • Detailed alcohol sales and cost reporting.
RestSoft Take-Out Point Of Sale          RestSoft Take-Out Point Of Sale          RestSoft Take-Out Point Of Sale

RestSoft Mobilefrom $695.00*

RestSoft Mobile is our add-on module that allows access to your RestSoft Take-Out or RestSoft Dine-In system using a iPad, Android or Windows tablet. This module frees your server or order taker from the POS workstation and allows them to enter orders from anywhere within your restaurant.

Functions and Features:
  • Allows access to your RestSoft point of sale system using the browser on your iPad, Android, Windows Tablet or any device with web access.
  • Full order taking and printing right from the tablet.
  • Order retrieval.
  • Menu item photos, allows you to show the customer a photo of the menu item right on the iPad.
RestSoft Mobile          RestSoft Mobile          RestSoft Mobile

* Above prices do not include hardware. Please call for up-to-date hardware pricing.

We recommend and exclusively use Epson point of sale printers and peripherals.